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the original man MONOLOGUE MIXER was broadcast on

Friday 24th April. watch now:

original man are trying to raise some money for all collaborators to put towards rent and bills or to save for the expected exceptionally rainy days to come.

original man original CALL OUT:


3 writers, 3 actors and 3 directors were picked at random and asked to collaborate (basic quality control at Original Man’s discretion).

Deadline for entries and interest: Wednesday 1st April.
Pieces to be ready by: Wednesday 8th April.


Submit a short monologue, via email to, roughly a page in length. Deadline 5pm Wed 1st April. If possible make the piece energetic, weird and/or funny to lighten our lonely lives. It is not banned, but please consider avoiding the subject of ‘The Rony’.



Submit your name and contact details in the form of a video or video link to by 5pm Wed 1st April (a bit like if you needed to send a self-tape). This is to make sure you have some way of filming your final performance with basic but reasonable quality, light and sound (phones and web cams will be fine) and some way to send this back to Original Man, whether this be We Transfer, WhatsApp or a private YouTube upload. Please feel free to communicate during the process if you are having techno troubles.


Submit your name, contact details and CV to by 5pm Wed 1st April.


Please make sure, before you enter, that you have some way of communicating with other artists face to face but in isolation; so Skype, WhatsApp call, Facetime or something similar.


Selected entrants will be picked from 3 hats (potentially live streamed with all the glamour of the FA cup draw) thereby connecting a writer, an actor and a director at random x 3.
Prepare for some interesting and unexpected casting and performance results…
Groups will be contacted to share the written material and each other’s contact details and then we'll leave you to it!


N.B. This opportunity has been created to offer some purpose and hopefully payment (although potentially small) for creatives who have lost all work due to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are still receiving a salary, or are able to continue working through this difficult period, please consider donating and enjoying the finished product, thank you.
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